Our action design services will level-up your project.

Motion Capture Services

Using our in-house Xsens inertial motion capture system, we shoot and reprocess* using Xsens software, delivering your content with a 24-72 hour turnaround time. Animations 
delivered in .fbx, .bvh, or .3ds format. Includes consultation, 
video reference, suit rental, and mocap talent.

Post-processing and cleanup options available upon request.

Virtual Production

We offer virtual production services within Unreal Engine. Inquire for details.

3Viz is our end-to-end Virtual Production process that takes your project to the next level. 

Action Design

Consult with an action director who can assist with any questions related to action choreography, combat design,

or stunt coordination.


Our in-house stunt and filmmaking team can shoot and edit your pre-vis. We offer live-action and 3D pre-vis services.

Talent Services

Our 20+ years of experience in the stunt world gives us access to any talent you might need for your project. We can source and audition on a per-project basis.


We rent Xsens MVN suits for motion capture and Manus VR gloves for finger capture. 
The two systems pair effortlessly within the Xsens software. Inquire for details.

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