The SuperAlloy Studio

Our 4000 sq ft facility, located 20 minutes from Las Vegas International Airport in North Las Vegas, hosts a number of amenities to bring your action vision to life. We have recorded everything from in-game movement, narrative cinematic choreography, to real-time previsualization of both film and tv series.

630 sq ft gymnastics spring floor

Almost all motion capture studio volumes consist of carpet over concrete. This means that stunts must be performed on thick stunt mats. Rolls and falls might therefore require additional cleanup. Acrobatic moves will also require springboards or mini trampolines, also requiring cleanup.


Contrast this to the SuperAlloy volume with its gymnastics floor, which is stiff enough to capture accurate foot placement, but soft enough to allow stunt performers to do rolls and falls, and springy enough to do high-flying acrobatics without trampolines and springboards, keeping the performer's feet at the same vertical level for the whole duration of the take. This means less cleanup for the same, high-impact performance.

Xsens motion capture volume

Our motion capture volume is equipped with 5 Xsens Link suits and is capable of running up to 8 suits at once, the perfect option for capturing crowds, sports formations, or battle scenes. Our volume also features 4 HD, timecode-locked reference cameras, Manus VR gloves which integrate directly into Xsens, and the ability to stream into Unreal, MotionBuilder, or Unity.

HTC Vive virtual production environment

Our team will help you with your virtual production needs with our HTC Vive system in an Unreal 3D environment. We also have multiple virtual camera options available for Unity, Unreal, and MotionBuilder.

Full array of stunt equipment

The SuperAlloy Interactive studio was built by veteran stunt performers and features all the equipment necessary to deliver your action vision. We're outfitted with crash mats, air bag for high falls, trampolines, springboards, navigation blocks and much more, which all make for a well-equipped (and very safe) action experience. Be sure to check out our prop library which includes pistols, shotguns, rifles, knives, swords, and dozens of other weapons. 

On-site wire rigging

SuperAlloy Interactive has teamed up with Thrillseekers Unlimited (OSHA 30 Certified and CSATF) and is outfitted with wire work and rigging capabilities: ratchets, flying, fly-by-wire, levitation, and all sizes of harnesses.

Large studio space ready for big productions

With nearly 3200 sq ft of warehouse real estate, SuperAlloy Interactive offers plenty of space for additional production needs. Our parking lot and dock loading space have the capacity to fit dozens of vehicles. We also work with a local valet service to ensure that no authorized vehicle is turned away on your shoot.