Everything starts from story.

SuperAlloy Interactive, LLC is the action design studio for the digital media industry. Born of a passion for action, games, and technology, we offer cutting edge action design for games and films. Our team has worked on games like 2018’s Game of the Year title God of War 2018 by Santa Monica Studio, films like the award winning Man Who Feels No Pain, and with studios like Bungie, Counterplay Games, and Netflix. We know what it takes to design world class action for a global audience. 


Our process begins with the kernel of the director's action vision. Our world class filmmaking and stunt team uses this kernel to design the physical language for the characters, story, and world of your project. 3Viz, our end-to-end Virtual Production process brings your vision to life. We are the action design studio of the future.

Motion Capture 3D Virtual Production

Eric Jacobus

Head of Studio

Motion Capture 3D Virtual Production

Zac Swartout


Executive Producer


Chris Adamson
Director of Business Development

Motion Capture 3D Virtual Production

Christian DeAnda
Production Supervisor


Mike Greig
Motion Capture Technical Director

Motion Capture 3D Virtual Production

Mark R. Johnson
Studio Manager, Motion Capture Lead


Jonas Grosserhode
Motion Capture Technician


Joshua Guenard
Animation Lead


Grant Lewis

Mocap Assistant Director