End to End Action Design

for Interactive Media

We’re an Interactive Action Design studio.


Our process plugs into your pipeline to ensure continuity of vision through your narrative. As your in-house combat team, we’re stunt pros who understand tech, and game nerds who understand action.


Our Work

Action in Games

As the stuntman for Kratos, we ensured that the mocap performances aligned to the entire narrative. We created a previz system to streamline the shooting process, stunt coordinated, and optimized mocap performances based on the most recent builds of the game.

How We Work


We are the bridge between action + stunts and interactive media + game design.


We are a module that plugs into your development pipeline creating a complete action solution


We have in-house talent that understands game design and film necessary to save you time and money.




  • Animatics

  • Pre-visualization

  • Action Design


  • Motion Capture

  • Stunt Talent

  • Action Coordination

  • Camera Operation

  • Directing


  • Action Feedback

  • Editing

  • Sound Design


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Work With Us

SuperAlloy Interactive is looking for qualified candidates for the following positions:

Eric Jacobus

Zac Swartout


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