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End-to-End Virtual Production

3Viz is SuperAlloy Interactive’s end-to-end Virtual Production process. With 3Viz, productions can use motion capture and virtual cameras to quickly create a pre-vis in a 3D engine such as Unity or Unreal Engine. However, unlike traditional previs, the process doesn’t have to end there. Assets created during the 3Viz process such as motion capture animations, 3D models, previz edits, camera moves, textures, and lighting can be utilized throughout the entire production process. The 3Viz itself can even become the final product.

3Viz Previz Previs 3D Motion Capture Virtual Production Unreal Engine

3Viz is our process geared towards action design for:

  1. Pre-Production

  2. Production

  3. Post-Production


Benefits of using our 3Viz process:

  • Access to an action team that understands the 3D pipeline and can economize on action scenes

  • An action style specific to the characters in your world

  • Our expertise in both stunts and filmmakers bridges the gap between choreography and camera

  • A virtual production pipeline allows for rapid iteration of previsualization

  • Waste-free previs. Your assets such as motion capture, character rigs, and locations are all usable through final pixel

  • An opportunity for directors, DPs, and editors to shoot and edit their own previs

  • The ability to coordinate action design in 3D without relying on a vfx team

  • A digital blueprint that makes your production modular and flexible


Check out our action comedy Cabin Fever, made using 3Viz:

Eric spent years doing traditional pre-vis for action scenes in films and shows like Altered Carbon, Black Panther, and A Good Day to Die Hard. The market for previsualization started producing extremely high-quality products because productions would require not only choreography previs, but also camera angles, editing, sound design, visual effects, and even music. However, the limitations of a live-action pre-vis process required constant re-shoots, back-breaking requirements for the stunt performers, and tons of re-edits. The result was the equivalent of a short action film, which the production could use to demonstrate its high-quality action team, and the stunt coordinator could subsequently use as a high quality demo reel.

However, since film and TV productions rarely involve themselves in the previs process, the core production members like the director, producer, DP, and art director would develop their own visions independent of the pre-vis. During production, the team would inevitably use only scant elements from the pre-vis, such as rigging elements and certain performance notes. The weeks spent by the action team devising camera angles, edit choices, and sound design were discarded, rendering the whole process almost pointless.

Previs is a process problem. Productions are linear by their nature. Pre-production must complete before production, which must complete before post-production. Virtual production has redefined this process. Filmmakers are now thinking like game developers. With Virtual Production, the thought of sound design during pre-production, or developing new choreography in post-production, becomes the norm. 3Viz is SuperAlloy Interactive’s innovative process that allows creators to develop any creative department at any stage of production.

Watch a full 3Viz demo with SuperAlloy's Eric Jacobus:

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